Their Only Mark On The World



Many generations have come and gone since the beginning of time. Some individuals have made a great impact on history. Some have made such an impact that one can find their name in various books on science, art, literature, etc. or even monuments erected in memory of their contribution to society.

One book, inspired of God, contains the names of people who made a mark on the world. Their mark was brief, yet, it was significant just the same. People like Cain, who killed his brother. Pharaoh of Egypt who was known for his refusal to release Israel until he lost his firstborn child. What about Achan? Do you remember Judas? Does the name Phygelus and Hermognes ring a bell. How about Diotrephes?  He loved to have the preeminence and cast others out of the church.

It is a sad thing when the only RECORD or MARK on the world by someone is their rebellion against God, forsaking spiritual things, and turning away from a friend. Would you like to be remembered as one who lived to do wrong?  Is the fact that we ‘miss the mark’ (sin) man’s only record of us?

Think for a moment about Abel. By faith, he offered a sacrifice pleasing to God. Enoch, who walked with God, was taken up into heaven without experiencing death. Remember the little maiden in Naaman’s house who told him of the prophet Elisha, who could heal his leprosy. Mary, who humbly anointed and wiped the feet of Jesus with her hair. Think about Dorcas. Her God-given hands made coats and garments for those in need. This is the only record we have of these individuals, but what a MARK they left on the world - being remembered as one who helped a friend or stood firm on the path of righteousness.

“Brethren, be ye imitators. . .and mark them that so walk even as ye have us for an ensample”(Phil 3:17).